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Welcome To Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC

Set in a beautiful part of Warwickshire, our farm is dedicated to providing people with learning disabilities and difficulties a safe and rewarding space to explore life on a farm.

Our aim is to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for vulnerable people and give them the opportunity to take part in the daily activities on the farm. This includes care of the animals, growing vegetables and fruit, farm maintenance, preparation and cooking of food, crafts, working as part of a team and learning new skills. We have a wide range of livestock including pigs, sheep, cows, geese, chickens and some dogs and cats.  The farm that is fully accessible and is available for bookings all year round.


Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC offers people with learning disabilities and difficulties the opportunity to work on a traditional small farm. Our experienced farm staff offer a wide range of activities to suit all needs. These include animal care, horticulture, cooking, farm maintenance, arts and crafts.

We aim to engage, encourage and enthuse all who attend and constantly strive to enable each individual to realise their potential.  Our farm offers a real working environment where visitors can learn new skills, improve their confidence and self esteem and become a valued member of the farm team. Whatever their ability they will find their place here and contribute to a valued enterprise.

Safe working Environment

But please be aware this is a real working farm

First Aid Qualified

There is always a first aider on site

All Staff will be DBS Checked

This provides safety and protection for all

Meaningful Activities That Help To Realise Each Persons Potential

Work on a care farm can help provide meaningful activities and a practical daily structure.  The activities undertaken at Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC are real and based on the daily, weekly and seasonal jobs around the farm. The benefits of being outdoors in the fresh air and working with animals are improved mental and physical health; are now becoming more widely recognised by health and education professionals.



Different Activites
Open Days A Year
Pirate Dog

Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC is dedicated to providing care, activities and experiences to people with learning disabilities and difficulties

Thanks to……

All the wonderful friends and family who have assisted in getting this project as far as it has got to date. I couldn’t have got this far without you all!

Gifting and donations

Plywood sheets.
Any gardening tools.
Plant pots.
Any building materials would be gratefully received.

Volunteers welcome!

Looking to the future if you have some spare time and wish to get involved with this project then please use the ‘contact us’ and leave a message.

The future

Exciting times ahead!

Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC

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