Jonathan (Jon)


I am a motivated person wanting to see others achieve the best they can and enjoy what they are doing through nature and animals. I work best with a mug of tea and cake!



Support Worker

I have spent most of my career working with people. I also love crafts and animals.

Oldbury Cottage Care Farm



I am a father of a 37yr old son with autism, epilepsy and severe learning disabilities.
I always want the best care and support for people as I have experienced first hand how difficult this can be to get.
I used to be Jon’s Boss!

Oldbury Cottage Care Farm



I have worked for the last 25yrs in the charitable sector. My passion is for people to enjoy life to the full.
I have seen first-hand the benefits animals and the access to the outside world can achieve.

Oldbury Cottage Care Farm



I have learned so much since coming to this farm. I love being around the animals and being in the fresh air.
I am new to baking so love to try out my latest creations for people!

Ripley the Pirate Dog


I have many years of experience in chasing frisbees and tennis balls, not sure why I wasn’t asked to be manager here! I am used to living with chickens so when I volunteer here they are my friends. I love meeting new people and licking them!

Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC



Hi, I’m Oldbury and you will see me alot on this farm!


Support Worker

Hi, I am newest member of staff for the Care farm. I have just finished a degree at uni and really enjoy working with the attendees and other staff. It’s exciting seeing how this place is going to grow!

Call us today at 07718 319303 or Email us at info@occf.org.uk

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

-Muhammad Ali-

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