Harvest time in the Poly Tunnel

Over the last couple of weeks it has been Harvest Time here at OCCF. As the photos tell the story, the super keen gardeners got down to the task of finding and harvesting the vegetables. I have never seen carrots the shape they came out of the ground or courgettes the size of baby walrus’. Onions were pulled and…

New residents on the farm

I have rehomed a couple of cats and they are now loving life on the farm. I have very strict rules and they were told in no uncertain terms that they wouldn’t be allowed in the house during the night, no drinking from the toilets and definitely not allowed in my bedroom. Now if I get half the bed…

Poly tunnel so far

So the story of the poly-tunnel: It has also cost me lots of blood, buckets of sweat and an ocean of tears but it is now a thing of beauty! With loads of help from Sandy, Freddie and David who helped shovel in the home made compost (sheep poo!) and to Jo who has been the chief gardener, the…

Something to crow about!

After a terrible year of 2020 and this year not starting any better Oldbury Cottage Care Farm has had some truly heart warming news. Severn Trent have awarded the farm funding to help us with running costs including staffing costs for one day a week for a year. Not only have they done this but they have also funded…

Great group of guys!

I am still surprised at some peoples generosity and kindness for this project. I know I believe in it but it still touches me when other people feel the same. This week I was presented with a cheque from the Trojan Brotherhood for £603-00. Not only did they give me the cheque but as you can see from the…
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