OCCF OPEN DAY Saturday August 6th 11 am – 3pm

Open Day

Saturday 6th August 2022 was our first ever open day and what a day it was. The day started off with beautiful weather. The bunting was up, animals told to behave, cakes put on display and the kettle plugged in, all we needed was some visitors.

Personally, I was worried there wouldn’t be many people as who would want to come and see our little corner of the world; where we love our animals, are passionate about who we are supporting and genuinely care about making a difference. I shouldn’t have worried as Nuneaton, Atherstone did us proud, along with so many other visitors from further afield.

It was a fantastic event, we all met so many wonderful people and made new friends. We had some stalls showing line tying, homemade giftware, as well as a tombola and raffle to help us raise some funds. The poly tunnel was open to be looked around showing off our green fingered skills. We promoted our resident bee hives with a table top display and advice how to support them. Our animals were on best behaviour and our newest arrivals, Petunia and Posie were more than happy to get down and dirty in the mud.

So after the last raffle prizes had been drawn and it came to say goodbye to the last of our visitors , we could all sit down and reflect on the day.

Did we promote the farm to our local community? Yes. Did our attendees show off all their hard work, projects and skills in the different areas of the farm? Yes. Did we make new friends, contacts and promote different abilities not disabilities? Yes. Did our attendees enjoy the day? No they loved it!

I think it was a job well done.

A massive THANK YOU to all the volunteers, support workers, parents and attendees who helped make the day a success. Thank you to the Councilor’s who helped financially support the day.


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