Hedgehog Houses

Oldbury Cottage Care Farm

Did you know……

The hedgehog got its name because of its peculiar foraging habits. They root through hedges and other undergrowth in search of their favourite food – small creatures such as insects, worms, centipedes, snails, mice, frogs, and snakes!

They are mostly nocturnal which means they are active at night and sleep during the day.

How clever are these guys…

Hedgehogs have a suprising trick to give themselves extra protection These amazing animals are immune to certain poisonous plants, which they eat before making a frothy saliva in their mouth. The hedgehogs then lick their spines, spreading the saliva with the plant”s poison all over the spikes. Scientists believe this may help hedgehogs hide their scent from predators, or give them a nasty shock should they attack – Wow!!

Our Task


Sadly these animals are dying out due to thousands being run over and their habitat being destroyed.

Lets support them by making a safe home for them to nest in so we can help them stay in our countryside where they belong.

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