New residents on the farm

I have rehomed a couple of cats and they are now loving life on the farm. I have very strict rules and they were told in no uncertain terms that they wouldn’t be allowed in the house during the night, no drinking from the toilets and definitely not allowed in my bedroom. Now if I get half the bed to myself I am doing well!

When I was a child ‘Winnie the Pooh’ was a firm favourite so I have named them Tigger and Piglet.

Tigger, is ginger and also a bit of a Ninja, he loves his climbing and exploring in the barn. Piglet is a tortoiseshell and is slightly more laid back than her brother, she blends into the shadows at night but during the day she can clearly be seen fast asleep anywhere that I want to sit. They both have met the sheep and although its not love at first sight they don’t mind watching them from a safe viewing position.

Please look after yourselves and keep safe.

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