Experience the amazing moments of lambing.

From the birth to helping the mums if necessary to look after their young. Hopefully the mothers can look after their lambs but some need a little help and this can be done through bottle feeding which is awesome!


Updated 14th March 2018:

Well what a few weeks its been! Rain, snow and cold winds are not my favourite weather conditions but the sheep have managed to come through all that and have had lots of beautiful lambs.

Some lambs are already outside eating grass with their mums, the younger ones are still in the barn and being spoilt rotten by anyone who visits.

I have one ‘Cade’ lamb, which is a lamb that has been rejected by their mum, and this little lady is being bottle fed. She is absolutely gorgeous until she sees the feeding bottle then she turns into an international rugby player until she gets her bottle!

Updated April 2019

Hectic lambing season so far, lots of magic and sleepless nights. Some absolutely beautiful lambs and very good mums looking after them.

Updated for 5th March 2020

All the ewes are looking fit and well ahead of lambing. This terrible wet weather is horrible and I think the ladies are looking forward to getting into the nice warm, dry barn. Today their feed was delivered for the next few months so just the barn to prepare for them now. Roll on April 1st as that is when the lambs are due.

Offers to help with lambing are coming thick and fast!


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