Royalty comes to Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC creating quite a buzzzz!

Here at Oldbury Cottage Care Farm CIC (OCCF) we now have bees!

There are approximately 40 thousand bees in 2 hives and a queen bee in each hive as well. These insects are incredibly important to our environment as well as to the food we eat.

We sectioned and fenced off a small area in one of the fields so the sheep wouldn’t bother the hives. It wasn’t to stop the bees from escaping as someone said!

Our beekeeper Sarah, is looking after the bees and will be showing us regularly what is happening in the hives and what she does to look after them. Also she will be showing us what she does to keep herself safe from being stung and how we can help these amazing little insects.

Please look after yourselves and keep safe.

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