Wow – What a month!

So what’s been happening this month?

Firstly Oldbury Cottage Care Farm was awarded a grant to put towards the open day. I can’t wait for Covid 19 to be kicked into touch so the farm can open up for the people it was intended to benefit. So many people have suffered through lose or confinement, its time to say goodbye to Covid and hello to new things!


The Care Farm also had a cheque presented which was incredibly kind. I won’t mention their name to save their blushes but I was very touched they had raised this money all on their own. A massive Thank You!


Last Thursday I collected three secondhand laptops from Atherstone Council. These laptops are given to charities and good causes after they have been in service for a certain length of time. Lori Harvey was at the council offices when I went to collect them so I had to get a photo to mark the occasion. Social distancing and photos don’t go hand in hand but I tried! Thank you Lori.

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